Rat Park Foundation | Rat Park Launch Party
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Rat Park Launch Party

Put your dinero and dancing feet to good use this weekend with the Rat Park. Focused on social recovery through rebuilding human connections through art and music, Rat Park raises awareness and funds for those suffering from substance abuse who cannot afford their own treatment. Banding together is a way for all to help, and there’s no better way to do it than by listening to 14 amazing bands, including The Gromble, Chip Monk, Ainsworth, Shutterings, Dope By Design, Young Lovers, Gnarvana, Myekey, The Hyphenate, Chief Deceiver, and Tommy (of Moon Bandits). Also marvel over artwork by Fernando Delrosario, SCRaM, Blake Sierra, and Franky Castle – with additional works provided by Dax Gallery and Arlyn Pillay Art Gallery. Go get your creativity on for the cause!


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