Rat Park Foundation | About Us
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(Note: What we mean by doctors who give “Compassionate care” is doctors who treat their patients with empathy.)

Rat Park aims to raise awareness about addiction issues while not being labeled as an anti-drug cause. For far too long, the only method for preventing addiction was to “just say no.” Evidence proves this method rarely works, and in fact, may have created bigger problems. According to research, the prominent cause of addiction is isolation and unhealthy relationships or environments. Instead of pushing abstinence, we believe advocating for positive human connection will create real bonds that bring the community together.

Through compassion, empathy, and acceptance, our goal is to erase the belief that substance abuse is a moral failing because addiction is a health issue, not a crime. While many can use substances socially without negative impacts or judgement of character, individuals who are struggling with addiction feel isolated and find it hard to ask for help because they fear shame and rejection. The truth is, recovery from addiction is possible, especially with support from loved ones.

There is more than one road to individual recovery, but it’s time we stand together and do our part to recover from the growing issues of isolation as a society. Rat Park’s mission is to create environments that promote healthy connections and provide proper education about mental health. By giving individuals the opportunity to be part of an accepting society, it will allow them to make conscious decisions for their own bodies. This means making the choice to ask for support if needed, making the choice to abstain from substance use if needed, or making the choice to use substances moderately that don’t create long-lasting harmful or negative impacts. Through lively social events and gatherings, we will bring the community together to create real face-to-face connections and use the funds raised from events toward grants that will help individuals struggling with mental health issues and substance dependencies get treatment.